Hunt. Staff. Recruit. What we do best.

White Ash Group provides a succinct hiring solution to Cannabis LPs along with ancillary companies, and ensures a positive candidate search experience.

Due to the Cannabis industry being in its infancy, there is a definite human capital problem. This is no secret. Bringing together the right combination of talent is what will set apart the leaders from the rest of the pack and this is no easy task. White Ash Group is the culmination of 30+ years in headhunting/recruitment and a real passion and true understanding of the Cannabis industry. With this history and knowledge combined with a robust database and network, White Ash provides clients top talent and candidates fulfilling careers with opportunities for growth.

It’s why we claim “Higher quality hires”

When you engage with White Ash Group, you’re not simply working with another vendor; you’re connecting with a partner and ultimately, an extension of your business. We will be the eyes & ears, the bridge between the marketplace and your business.

Regardless of whether your company is a budding start up or a full grown Cannabis titan, White Ash Group can tailor our hiring services to meet your needs and timelines. With a proven process, robust database and and a history of successful high volume recruiting in IT, Business, Construction, Oil and Gas and now Cannabis, White Ash Group’s motto is simple: Higher Quality.